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Welcome to the Country of Zaylanda, a land of great conflict between magic and the two kingdoms. Until the heirs' of the thrones took over that is. After that magic was once again legal in this country. However there is a great evil threatening to ruin the peace these two and their companions have fostered. Many will join them in their fight against this evil but who exactly will prevail and what will that mean for the heirs in question?


The kingdoms came into the hand of the heirs through unprecedented circumstances. After all it isn't everyday that those destined to rule get swept away from their stations. Amanda one of the heirs was kidnapped at a young age leading to her parents death and the rule of Linda her aunt who aids the destruction. The other heir Ellieona ran away at a young age because of her mysterious power that lead to her fear of discovery by her anti-magic family. Along the way to stop the great enemy they come into contact with; Carson, a nymphe raised by his brother, that has a startling secret, Andromeda, a dragon girl who lost her home to a little more than the 100 year war waging on, Laine, a sorcerer with a heart of gold looking for what her father called "her Arthur", Diana a girl from Midgard whose got morals of steel but a love for mischief, Terra another girl from Midgard but she is much more serious an has an affiliation with the dead, and Liv, a quirky girl from Midgard, as well, who has a special power of seeing through the lies, Blaine a kind hearted dryad who has no knowledge of his past, and finally Alice a serious girl doing everything to get revenge on the one person who she hates the most. Through out the span of two books they manage to do what they can to cripple the darkness however when they think it's all over the darkness only comes back bigger and bader. Will the next generation be able to handle what their parents neglected? Or will everything the heirs worked for fall apart in an unexpected War that will turn everything on it's head? Read the series and find out...

Books in Series

  1. Fate of the Realms
  2. The Unknown Realm
  3. The Rise of The Realms

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