​Ellieona is the third character introduced in Fate of the Realms. She starts off running through the woods, presumably from the castle and guards most likely chasing her. We immediately find out she is royalty when she shouts back that she'll never be a princess. She assumes she's safe and begins walking instead. This is where Laine is seen watching Ellieona from the bushes. Ellieona ignores this, but soon turns back to find the bushes empty. She climbs a tree to prepare for the night. In the morning, Ellieona is shot out of the tree and wakes up to Laine with her arrows. The pair continue on the journey together, repeatedly saving each other's lives.

Ellieona claims to be withdrawn and antisocial, but she constantly opens up to Laine about her past. This may be because of her lack of human communication during her childhood. 

Ellieona has the power to kill living things just by making eye contact with them. She claims this all started when her teacher, a wizard, had her read from a book of ancient spells without her consent. When she loses her temper, her eyes turn red and by making eye contact, the level of effect can range from drowsiness to death. It is said multiple times that her eyes always gave off her emotions, proving to be ironic that they now have power behind them.

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Nickname El


15 at the begining of the book, then 22 at the end.
Personality Tomboy, clever, witty, sarcastic
Apperance Golden blonde hair, blue eyes, short, white long sleeved shirt, dirty brown britches, dark brown vest.
Power/Species Human, can knock unconsiousness or kill with eye contact
Weapon Rusty sword, dagger in right boot, various forest knowledge.

“I run away, sleep in trees, start tavern fights, kill wizards, anger goddesses, steal, lie, hold daggers to people’s throats, and get mixed up in prophecies. I think I’m pretty normal… for a queen.”