Christopher is the annoying mystery friend/enemy who kidnapped Ellieona and Laine from the Inn and Tavern. He obviously knows Ellieona, and mentions something of a bet. He said he would get a kiss from her if he managed to catch "the unfindable Ellieona". Ellieona apparently wasn't scared of him catching her; she went down and sat with him in the tavern. However, he spiked her drink, and when she passed out, after waking Laine up in their room, he took them both. Ellieona woke up and when he stops to help Laine after she wakes, she sits up and points her sword at him. Christopher manages to disarm her when she switches to a dagger for the close distances. He silences her and warns her that every kingdom is looking for her, a bounty on her head. Christopher never gets his kiss. Ellieona hits him over the head with the hilt of her sword and ties him to the tree, leaving just a dagger with him.

We don't know what Christopher does after this, but he manages to show up at the spot the reunited Five emerge from a portal. He insists on coming to protect Ellieona, with heavy reluctance from her brother, Carson. When Ellieona and Laine are captured by Jason, Carson leaves Cristopher at the castle to go rescue them. All at no avail, when Christopher, again, shows up under the balcony Ellieona falls from, only to catch her and finally get his kiss.

He is not mentioned for quite a period of time after this, despite supposedly being there. We see him again in Ellieona's epilogue, when Laine visits Ellieona and Christopher shows up. Ellieona mentions needing guards to keep him out, then lets him kiss her. When he tries to tell her he loves her, she interrupts, saying she is not free to be loved, as she promised her safety to return Laine's sister back alive, and failed.

Laine offers Ellieona her freedom back and she takes it. Christopher tries to kiss her again, but is forced to chase her when she takes off running. She leaves him when she climbs out a window. He gets pushed aside again when she storms back in, mad. He "disappears" again after that.

How is Christopher always in the right place at the right time? There may be a special connection between him and Ellieona, causing him to always be there when she is in trouble. Despite being a smaller character, Christopher is proving to be very strange and magical.