Amanda is the first character introduced in Fate of the Realms. Amanda was raised by an evil sorcerer since she was five until the age of 13 were she stabbed her captor and escaped. Amanda tried to return to her kingdom after she escaped but was immediately targeted by Apep . She had to leave her kingdom and go to Midgard which is where she met Carson and began her journey. She later becomes the leader of resistance when Carson and Andromeda end up in a coma for three months. She apparently worked with Jor in trying to take down her Aunt Linda . Once her two friends woke up she left the resistance and returned to their side. She also married Joshua , Carson's brother. This makes her Carson and Ellieona 's sister-in-law. She later get's her spirit animal which is a snake and her Original is Gertrude .

KINDLE CAMERA 1454534239000
Nickname Amy
Age 13 at begining, 18 by end
Personality Smart, outgoing, sweet
Appearance Black hair, blue eyes, tall, skinny, pale with pointed ears
Power/Species Water and nature fey
Weapon Sword with blue hilt and climbing vines. Burns if touched by non-fey